Veg Fruits Unity

Minutes of October 9, 2012 Board Meeting

Eat To Live Food Cooperative
South Side Communications Center
2331 S. Salina St., Syracuse NY 13205

Minutes of October 9, 2012 Board Meeting

Board Members Present: Howie Hawkins, Naqia Kent, Yaschia Kinsey, Baye Muhammad, Shirley Rowser
Syracuse University Law Clinic Students Present: Tess Frame, Tyler Mullin
SU IT Students Present: Daniel Lee, BK Seo, Eddie Lee

Next board meeting: 6:00 pm, Tuesday, November 13, 2012

All decisions were made by consensus unless otherwise noted.

1. Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the September 11, 2012 board meeting were approved.

2. IT Students

Daniel Lee, BK Seo, and Eddie Lee, IT students from Syracuse University, described their project of developing a mobile application for the Eat To Live Food Co-op. They will meet with Yaschia Kinsey of the website committee at 5 pm, November 13 to begin working on this project.

3. Bylaws Presentation at Membership Meeting

Howie Hawkins will present the bylaws for an up or down vote on the draft. If the blayws are not adopted, they will be referred back to the board to address concerns raised by the membership that prevented its adoption.

4. Board Election Process

The members will nominate board candidates. The election will be on written ballots. The top five vote getters will be elected. If there is a tie, there will be runoff votes among the remaining candidates until five are elected to the board. In order to initiate the rotating terms provided for in the draft bylaws, the top two vote getters will have a three-year term, the next two vote getters will have two-year term, and the fifth vote getter will have a one-year term.

5. Search for General Manager

The board discussed the need to begin a search for a general manager. The CDS consultants will be developing a job description as part of their work. Baye Muhammad will contact a management recruiter he knows who might be able to help us develop our recruitment strategy.

6. Website

The website committee and the SU IT students will meet at 5 pm on November 13 to take next steps.

7. Legal Issues

Tess Frame and Tyler Mullin from the SU Law Clinic informed the board of four legal issues the membership meeting and board must address:

  1. The adoption of the bylaws by the membership meeting will require a 2/3 vote.
  2. The board election at the membership meeting must provide for three classes of board members with terms of one year, two years, and three years in order to establish a board member rotation provided for in the bylaws.
  3. The decision to establish a bank account or accounts will require a board resolution.
  4. Members who have not paid in full for their membership certificate will have to sign a promise to pay statement in order to vote in the membership meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Howie Hawkins

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