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Minutes of November 13, 2012 Board Meeting

Eat To Live Food Cooperative
South Side Communications Center
2331 S. Salina St., Syracuse NY 13205

Minutes of November 13, 2012 Board Meeting

Board Members Present: Howie Hawkins, Baye Muhammad, Shirley Rowser
Board Members Absent: Naqia Kent, Yaschia Kinsey
SU IT Students Present: Daniel Lee, BK Seo

Next board meeting: 6:00 pm, Tuesday, December 11, 2012

All decisions were made by consensus unless otherwise noted.

1. Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the October 9, 2012 board meeting were corrected and approved.

2. Terms of Board Members

As instructed by the October 9 membership meeting, the board assigned members to three classes of terms as follows:
1-Year Terms: Baye Muhammad, Shirley Rowser
2-Year Terms: Naqia Kent, Yaschia Kinsey
3-Tear Term: Howie Hawkins

3. Board Officers

The board re-elected the current officers:
President: Shirley Rowser
Vice-President: Naqia Kent
Secretary: Howie Hawkins
Treasurer: Yaschia Kinsey

4. Report on Mobile Application

Daniel Lee and BK Seo presented a list of functionalities they propose for the Eat To Live co-op mobile application. The plan to have an application for the board to review at the next board meeting.

5. General Manager Search

Baye Muhammad reported that we will need a job description before the management recruiter could begin a search. The board agreed to invite the management recruiter Baye talkied to, Davine Bey, to a board meeting once we have a job description, which the business plan consultants are drafting.

6. Employer Identification Number (EIN)

The State Department of Taxation asked for Eat To Live Food Cooperative’s EIN. Shirley Rowser will go to the IRS website to request an EIN.

7. Depository Institution Accounts

The board agreed to establish (1) a checking account with Key Bank because it is conveniently located in the neighborhood for cash deposits once the co-op opened and because the co-op wants to have a relationship with the only bank with a branch in the neighborhood and (2) a savings account with Cooperative Federal credit union cooperation among cooperatives enhances the success of all cooperatives and because Cooperative Federal is likely to help with financing such as a line of credit should we need it.

Howie Hawkins will draft a resolution for the board to adopt at the next meeting to establish these two depository accounts.

8. 100 Black Men Conference Program Booklet Ad

Shirley Rowser reported that the South Side Initiative offered to buy a $200 full page ad on behalf of Eat To Live Food Cooperative. The board accepts. Naqui Kent and Shirley Rowser will design the ad.

9. Membership Development Letter

The board agreed that the letter proposed by Sam Eschenbremer was premature because the co-op is not ready to integrate members into activities at this time. The board agreed that membership development should be designed with the time lines for construction, business planning, and general manager hiring in mind so we don’t raise expectations early that might be disappointed while the co-op development process takes time. The board also agreed that membership development ideas should be worked on by the Membership Development Committee first and then brought to the board for consideration.

10. Danforth School Garden

Shirley Rowser reported that she met with Lauren Angelone, a teacher and social worker at Danforth elementary school who is supervising a garden project at the school, about how the garden project could sell vegetables the students grow to the co-op. The board agreed that the co-op should support this project.

Respectfully submitted,
Howie Hawkins, Secretary

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