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Minutes of July 9, 2013 Board Meeting

Eat To Live Food Cooperative
South Side Communications Center
2331 S. Salina St., Syracuse NY 13205

Minutes of July 9, 2013 Board Meeting

Board Members Present: Howie Hawkins, Naqia Kent, Baye Muhammad, Shirley Rowser
Board Members Absent: Yaschia Kinsey
Members Present: Joseph Bryant, Sam Eschenbrenner

Next board meeting: Tuesday, July 23, 2013 following the 6:00 pm community informational meeting

All decisions were made by consensus unless otherwise noted.

1. Approval of Minutes for June 25, 2013

The minutes for June 25, 2013 were corrected and approved.

2. Benefit Package

Howie Hawkins, Baye Muhammad, and Shirley Rowser plan to meet with Terry Carguello of ENV to determine the details of the benefit package the co-op will offer to its employees. When the proposal is ready, it will be circulated to the board for an electronic vote to expedite the process.

3. Onondaga County Tobacco Free Policy

The board agreed to adopt the Onondaga County Tobacco Free Policy of posting no smoking signage and permitting no smoking within 50 feet of the co-op store.

4. Co-op Informational Meeting

Shirley Rowser will make the presentation about the co-op at informational meeting for co-op members and prospective members on Tuesday, July 23 at 6 pm at the Southside Communications Center. Each board member agreed to recruit 10 people to attend the meeting.

5. SNAP Application

Naqia Kent will review the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) application so Eath To Live is prepared to apply at the earliest opportunity.

6. Bank of America Grant

Co-op member Lekita Dawkins and board membrer Shirely Rowser are preparing a grant application to Bank of America for $25,000 or more for marketing the co-op.

7. Onsite Management Training

Mel Braverman, the CDS consultant, will be in Syracuse from Wednesday to Saturday, August 21-24, for training the manager and staff on operational policies and procedures and to prepare the store for opening.

8. General Manager Recruitment

The recruiter, Davine Bey of Global i365, will be meeting with candidates for general manager on July 15-17. He will schedule interviews for the board with the top three or four candidates for the week of July 22-28. The board intends to hire a manager to start on August 5, with the hiring of the rest of the staff to take place in the subsequent two weeks.

9. Store Opening Timeline

The board agreed to schedule the opening of the store for Friday, September 13, with a Grand Opening to invite in the whole community on Wednesday, October 2.

Respectfully submitted,
Howie Hawkins, Secretary

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