Veg Fruits Unity

Minutes of July 23, 2013 Board Meeting

Eat To Live Food Cooperative
South Side Communications Center
2331 S. Salina St., Syracuse NY 13205

Minutes of July 23, 2013 Board Meeting

Board Members Present: Howie Hawkins, Naqia Kent, Baye Muhammad, Shirley Rowser
Board Members Absent: Yaschia Kinsey

Next board meeting: 6 pm, Tuesday, August 13, 2013

All decisions were made by consensus unless otherwise noted.

1. Benefit Package

The board approved the benefits package proposal prepared by Terry Carguelo of ENV. The benefits include:

  • Two options on health care – Option 1: high premium, low deductible and low premium; Option 2: high deductible with flexible savings account to cover deductibles up to $5000 per year; with employer contributing 65% of premium for employee on option 1 and 60% on option 2, and premiums for additional family members paid by the employee. Employees may decline coverage
  • Mandatory NYS disability insurance
  • $50,000 worth of life insurance a group term plan paid by the employer with employee option to purchase additional coverage for family members at employee expense
  • An optional Simple IRA retirement program with employer matching contributions of 1%, 2% or 3% of salary (employee option)

2. August Community Information Meeting

Baye Muhammad will circulate an email to board members to determine the best date.

Respectfully submitted,
Howie Hawkins, Secretary

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