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Minutes of August 20, 2013 Board Meeting

Eat To Live Food Cooperative
South Side Communications Center
2331 S. Salina St., Syracuse NY 13205

Minutes of August 20, 2013 Board Meeting

Board Members Present: Howie Hawkins, Naqia Kent, Baye Muhammad, Shirley Rowser
Board Members Absent: Yaschia Kinsey
Members Present: Joseph Bryant, Sam Eschenbrenner
General Manager Present: Jim Diamond
Consultant Present: Mel Braverman

Next board meeting: 6 pm, Tuesday, September 10, 2013

All decisions were made by consensus unless otherwise noted.

1. Mel Braverman, CDS Cooperative Consultants

The board discussed with Mel Braverman of CDS Cooperative Consultants the training he will provide for co-op staff this week. The areas he will cover include operation systems (including ordering, receiving, cash handling) and reviewing financials. Braverman will continue mentoring the general manager post training.

2. Point of Sale System

Jim Diamond reported on the point of sale (POS) system. He has concerns about the security of the open source food co-op software in the business plan. He is investigating CoPos for co-op software. Their price would be about $20,000.


Jim Diamond reported that it will take 45 days to implement: 30 days inspection by government regulators and 15 more days to get the unit.

4. Cooperative Federal Account and Checkbooks

The board approved changing the address on the account to the store address of 2323 S. Salina St. and ordering checks with that address.

5. Hours of Operation

Jim Diamond recommended that the store operate 7 am to 7 pm in order to take advantage of early morning commuters for coffee and snacks and to avoid slower business during after dark hours. The board agreed we can start with a 7-to-7 schedule and we will have to experiment with hours to see what hours of operation will work best.

6. Coolers

Jim Diamond reported that the vendor for coolers quoted a price of $21,800.

7. Opening Date

Jim Diamond reported that September 15 is probably too soon for soft opening date given such issues as EBT and POS. The board agreed we may have to push the date back, but urged that we push hard to open as soon as possible.

8. Policy on Vendors

The board approved the following policy on vendors. All purchases over $500 will require three price quotes. The preference, other factors being equal, will be for local vendors.

Respectfully submitted,
Howie Hawkins, Secretary

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